Spirit Whispers…

Feathers – an Image my Christine Ponchia – CCO, Pixabay

The Winged Ones are associated with the element of air and messengers of the Spirit world. Angels exist and come in many forms. Feathers have always been a harbinger of Spirit’s presence. Cherish it just because it came from above.

When we find feathers sometimes it carries a personal message from the angels that are around you. If you know the type of bird it belongs to look up it’s meaning. It can teach you something or provide an answer to whatever is bothering you or an issue you are facing.

Meditate with it, and perhaps you will hear the whisper of Spirit’s voice in your own heart.


I thought I would use this page to share the whispered poems from my Spirit guides over the years. I hope they will touch a chord in your soul. Blessed Be.

Council Fires – CCO, Photo courtesy of Pexels.com
Seeking Council

The Council fire burns...
the seasons turn,
the Elders speak
so we may learn.
Enter the lodge on bended knee,
then contemplate the sacredness in these:
the Wind,
the Rain,
the whisperings of the tress,
the grass that grows
and the stones that know,
the crackling of fire
and a true heart's desire.
Sacred is the heart that sees...
for scrolls of Wisdom
are found in these.

- From the Heart, 2004

RM Weldon

“Seeking Council” was published in the 2007, in the International Who’s Who in Poetry. It is a reminder to be open to the wisdom found all around and within us all. The lessons of creation, in this school of life are many if one is willing to stop and listen to the inner voice. This poem is a true account and inspired communication as a result of prayer and meditation during this author’s own healing journey. From the heart may all your words and deeds be.

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