About the Author

RM Weldon is an aspiring author who was born in the sovereign nation of Hawaii in 1957 and was raised in upstate New York.

She became a Certified Nurses assistant in 1974 and in 1975 graduated from Chittenango H.S. with high honors and currently holds an A.A.S. degree in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork from Gaston college in Dallas, N.C.

She is married, a mother of two sons, has four grandchildren and resides in the State of North Carolina.

The motivation for writing my story – is to do what Spirit has been asking of me to do since 2004. Whatever happens from there, I know will be in Spirit’s hands.

As an abuse survivor, I can honestly say the abuse I endured impacted me more than I ever knew. My healing journey has been an ongoing event for twenty four years. Today, I can honestly say, I truly understand how the events of my life have affected the development of my personality, and how it has affected both my interactions and non-interaction with others.

It has taken a long time to unravel the mystery that was me. I am not the same woman I was back then, and I am truly grateful for what I have come to know now.
My healing journey did not include worldly counsel, but it wasn’t from a lack of trying to get it. Instead, my journey was one that led me away from the socially acceptable way doing things. A path that led me to a different way of thinking and to a very different way of coping with my world. It has also shaped me into the person I have become today.

My path to heal has been guided by my spiritual friend, whose voice I heard audibly in an empty kitchen at the age of four years old. As I grew, other spirit friends, family members and guardians in the Spirit world would come to share their wisdom in my search for answers.

I know there are some who would question the validity and reality of ‘spirit’ or ‘guides,’ and I can respect that. But I will tell you that my first encounter with the Spirit world took place at the age of four years old. It was the first time I heard Spirit’s Voice speak to me audibly in an empty room, and he has been with me ever since. The details of that first encounter are etched firmly in my memory.

Psychologist’s would call that schizophrenic today – to me, I call it normal. The voice became the only friend I had growing up, and one I could count on being there for me when I needed him the most. He has virtually saved my life more than once in this lifetime, and I am truly grateful to know he is still by my side.

As I got older, I learned his name. Then, in December of 1997 I traveled to the Wounded Knee reservation to bring items that were needed by the people and their children for Christmas. During my stay, I had some time to myself and drove to the town center.

As I turned to find a place to park, I felt pulled to the large Memorial commemorating the travesty of the event that took place on this hallowed ground and the souls who were lost in the senseless brutality delivered to a nation of people on that day. I stood alone in silence feeling the weight of that huge stone in my heart as it penetrated my soul. When the weight lifted, I was drawn to one of the smaller stones beside it.

I walked over and bent down to pull some of the tall weeds away from the small marker, and there at the bottom of that memorial, was my spirit guides name etched in stone. I was stunned, my breath escaped me, and I cannot explain the feeling that rippled through me in that moment. I can tell you the experience solidified and immutable ‘inner knowing’ inside of me. I know, without a doubt that Spirit is quite real, and that they walk beside us to guide us on our lifepath if we are open to listen.

Perhaps the best way I can share it is this. We feel the wind on our skin when a gentle breeze blows, and because of that we know that wind exists. We know it is there – even if we can’t see it. It is the same with Spirit – and yes, they do give us clues and yes, they can communicate with us individually and in a personal way for each of us.

My purpose in sharing my story is to give others a glimmer of hope and to let my readers know that we all have the power to heal ourselves. I hope my story will become a small candle to help others find their own way out of the darkness, so they can LIVE the life they were born to live, from their heart and from the true depth of their soul.

Know Thyself…Heal Thyself is what the ancients decreed. In my years of research, it was these very words that told me my healing was up to me. I had the power to heal myself and Spirit was my guide the whole way. I could not have done it without them and to them I am truly, truly grateful. We have allies on the other side. We just need to learn how to connect and listen to the messages they send.

May your day be blessed.

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