Becoming Community Minded

I have a dream…

Our world is full of people who can be abusive or have been abused that are in need of healing. There are many suffering in our own communities. I have been stagnated working from home since my last business shriveled up. My soul prompts me to leave my golden cage.

When I Ask My Self the question… How may I serve?
This is what comes to mind…

I would like, of course to finish my book, get it published and share my story; but I also have a dream brewing in my heart as I become more community minded. A dream that could blossom locally, but I cannot do it alone.

A dream that requires a network of those who are of like mind.
So here is what I am thinking. If I use the God given knowledge, skills and talent within me – this is what I see.

I see a gathering of Wise Women who would like to:

: Heal from the effects of abuse and trauma by sharing what I have learned combined with meditation gatherings to heal. I already have a degree in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and I have been trained in what can be expected when a client experiences a psychosomatic release on my massage table. This would help lessen the effects of stress on their physical body. This would be my gift to each person who attended the gatherings.

: I believe I would network and either link them to, and/or get personally trained and certified, in Irene Lyon’s Smart Mind, Smart Body program that incorporates Feldenkrais methods of movement for neurological reprogramming of the nervous systems fight, flight, freeze responses to maintain balance.

: I would even consider adding and incorporate Tai Chi classes if I could find an instructor willing to come out to this region.

: I would also look into networking with a Functional Medicine practitioner that would not charge an arm, leg and first born child.

: Because everyone is gifted in their own way, as a group we could educate each other with what we already have under our belt. Such as helping them to understand the effects of GMO’s (Genetically modified organisms in our food supply) and how they trigger health disorders to keep it out of our food supplies and seeds.

: I have considered creating a private gifting circle. Perhaps to fund our group or get donations from those who would like to see it happen.

: I would like to create and see a self-sustainability program that includes educating each other with what we know and create an Organic Herb & Vegetable Garden, and maybe even some fruit so we could rotate seasonal crops to ensure everyone had what they needed. It would promote health and regeneration of our body, both individually and collectively.

: At the Harvesting of Collective Herbs grown we could come together to learn how to make healing salves and ointments.

: We could also Create a Wild Crafting circle or more.

: All to help each other and those in our own community as the abundance thrives and we are able to give.

Who knows where it can go.

Would you invest in something like this in your community?

Author: RM Weldon

I am a wife, mother, an aspiring author, and a woman who has come a long way on her life's journey, to heal from the effects of childhood abuse and trauma. It is my hope you will walk with me awhile as the story unfolds.

5 thoughts on “Becoming Community Minded”

    1. A hearty Thankyou Kyle for taking the time pop in and leave a comment. Spirit inspired me to ‘dance the Sacred Circle’ starting at the Sacred Center of my world to bring change, hope and healing to those right around me.
      I will breeze by after work to see what’s happening in your world 🙂


  1. I think that your vision is amazing and doable. It’s a beautiful way to use the gifts you have been given, to share with your community. I know a young woman who has begun a similar venture in Savannah, GA. Her site is She makes her own products from organic herbs and such and unites with local businesses to form a community of self-care. Along with that, she gathers young women, young mothers in different settings to share self-care workshops and the like. It’s all community-based. It sounds close to what your dream is. So, don’t let anything stop you, Renee. You already have the vision and I can see you making a deep impact on people’s lives. Your soul was meant for this kind of work.

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