Seeking Self-Mastery

I heard a saying that stuck in my head one day. A day that prompted a great deal of changes in my life’s journey. That saying is this:

“The first relationship we must Master is the one with oneself.”

Spirit’s Voice, 2003

We begin life as a seed pollinated by another. Our growth depends on the type of soil we have been planted into and what nourishment we did or did not receive.

The lack of nourishment can stunt the growth and development of the evolving organism, whether it is a plant, animal or human being.

Human children who have experienced a series of adverse childhood events arrests the development of the child’s personality and development in a variety of ways.

A child who feels unsafe in their home environment are constantly walking on the broken glass of their fragmented innocence that has violated their trust in their caretakers and in themselves and are in a constant state of stress. The ‘roots’ that give them a sense of stability have been deeply compromised.

As a result their physical bodies internal mechanisms evoke a neurological and chemical response feeling constantly threatened or imminent danger every day. Children who undergo this daily, over a long period of time, leads to the bodies inability to regulate itself.

Trauma is stored in both the body and the mind. The perpetual overload of stress released in the body virtually changes their developing brain – and establishes a foundation for dysfunctions in their body. This keeps them in a constant state of hypervigilance under stress and duress because the ‘threat’ to their well-being is still imminent.

The fight, flight, freeze response to stress has been deeply studied. These evoke various responses that become an internal coping mechanism on both the body and mind for all humans.

In a child who undergoes repetitive abuses it becomes hard-wired into the autonomic nervous system that keeps them trapped in a constant state of stress and builds an unwitting repetitive automatic response when triggered. When left untreated the hardwired autonomic responses continue as they grow and become adults.

Learning this has been an eye-opener. As I child I always asked the unanswerable question a child asks, “Why?” It set me on a life long journey to find the answers to that one simple question. In the process, I have seen and learned many things about myself.

The beauty is that my Spirit guides and my Soul’s internal navigation system has led me on a path of Self-Healing and toward Self-Mastery all these years. I realize now that my whole life journey has been designed to bring me a much deeper awareness of the Spirit-Mind-Body connections.

It has also shown me how abuse and the abuse of power has perpetuated itself in our world…and it needs to stop if we want Life as we know it to Survive.

Author: RM Weldon

I am a wife, mother, an aspiring author, and a woman who has come a long way on her life's journey, to heal from the effects of childhood abuse and trauma. It is my hope you will walk with me awhile as the story unfolds.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Self-Mastery”

  1. Thank you for sharing that Mary. What a beautiful blessing for you and your family. It certainly takes courage to embark on the path of self healing for yourself and with your family while healing a generational pattern for the children of tommorrow! May your day be blessed.

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  2. You speak the whole truth, Renee. If not addressed, we carry the “pain body” as Eckhart Tolle refers to it, throughout our lives. If we do not follow a journey into self-discovery and self-healing we will pass that down to our children and so on. Generations can be affected by the abuse of our ancestors. Our minds and bodies respond in a certain way to stress. We continue this cycle because it is the only way we know. I can attest to that. As a young mother, I only knew what I knew and raised my children in the manner that I was raised. Not until I grew older and walked a path of soul searching did I realize my mistakes. In order for me to help my children heal, I had to acknowledge my mistakes and ask for their forgiveness. So much healing took place for both me and my kids through the process. Likewise, I was able to heal by confronting my mother in a loving way about the mistakes she made in my regard as a child. The best thing was how lovingly she acknowledged my feelings. Throughout this journey, my mother, myself and my children have had the opportunity to heal because we have all been willing to lovingly acknowledge and forgive each other. I am so grateful for the opportunity to break the cycle.

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