Sacred Ground – Sacred Space

body temple -2035066-Lucas Pezeta from Pexels
Photo courtesy of Pexels – CC0 by Lucas Pezeta

The human body is a Temple of Love that houses the Spirit of one’s Soul. It is created by the Sacred union of the masculine and feminine forces of our Universe.

God, the Divine Breath and Spirit of Love planted the seed of Life in His Goddess, our Mother Earth, who was created and fashioned by the hand of God – to bring forth Life. All species reproduces and perpetuates Life in a similar fashion.

The human physical body is a microcosmic mirror of the Divine forces of our Universe. We hold inside of us the power of the Divine to bring forth Life and we have the ability to create what we want to see in our world.

We all carry within our body the Elemental forces of nature inside of us.

The Air that we breathe – is Holy.

The Planet that we walk on and all that is upon it – is Holy.

The Water that provides nourishment all Living things – is Holy.

The Fire and Light of Life itself that burns inside of us – is Holy.

Life itself – is Holy and the glue that holds it all together is Love.

We live on Sacred Ground within this Sacred Space of time in our human lifespan, yet we treat our world as a commodity, a passing thought and simply take it for granted that it will be there when we wake up every morning. We do not reflect on it as being a Holy Living entity.

Abuse and the abuse of power has become a global entity. We have appointed leaders in our governments that have allowed politicians and corporations to poison our air, our water, our soil and pillage the natural resources that sustains all of Life with impunity. We don’t have the power to vote for the Bills they put into play with their bed partners and therefore our right to Life and Liberty has been slowly stripped from us.

Within us, we treat our bodies in the same manner. We buy food instead of growing our own, and what our politician and corporations feed us are genetically modified by industrialists and poisoned by pesticides that constantly harms our inner environment all in the name of money and power over the masses.

We have given away our power to politicians in bed with corporations and have allowed them free reign over our sovereign right to Life. They have bastardized and rewritten the original human rights instituted by the Magna Carta which was the precursor to the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the United States, establishing the minimal rights afforded to all living things under the natural laws of Life itself.

Abuse has an insidious way of changing people. Trust is broken. We are taught to conform to what is socially acceptable. We are used and abused by those who lord themselves over us as our true power to love is stripped away – piece by piece. Is it any wonder why people are angry?

Reclaiming ones’ individual personal power is a pivotal point that is much needed. People are beginning to wake up and realize that what our world needs now is something drastically new. The old paradigms are dying. It is making way for the rebirth of humanity and our world. That rebirth begins with each human being doing their part to reclaim this Sacred Ground in this Sacred Space.

Change and transformation begins within each person. It starts by healing our own internal wounds so we can see and perceive things more clearly to speak and act with kindness and generosity toward all Life…including each other.

Author: RM Weldon

I am a wife, mother, an aspiring author, and a woman who has come a long way on her life's journey, to heal from the effects of childhood abuse and trauma. It is my hope you will walk with me awhile as the story unfolds.

4 thoughts on “Sacred Ground – Sacred Space”

  1. Renee, You have so gracefully stated what I feel is the obvious truth. I understand that not everyone is awake yet. A quote from a John Denver song says it all: “…and oh, I love the life within me. I feel a part of everything is here in me.” The life around us and the life within are all connected and the change starts within each of us.

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    1. Thank you Mary. You are an inspiring muse in your writings. Keep the faith and believe the awakening is progressing faster than we can imagine. Hope you are well and loving life and inspiring others to do the same!


  2. It is so true that Abuse is something that exists beyond the narrow definition we too often look at. If more people realised that the systems of inequality are abusive, I think those more focused abuses would be met with more empathy. Too often we forget that other’s journey is a product of so many experiences. What do we share? How can we use this knowledge for healing, and growth?

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    1. Thank you for responding Blaze…here is my take on your response:

      Our journey through life is designed to evolve our Soul and allow the Light of the Soul to shine in our world. Some call it being authentic. When we share the Light of our true Soul and live our lives from the Soul instead of the Ego, we give from the heart, we think from the heart, we share from the heart to ensure that every person on this planet has what they ‘need’ to thrive – not just to survive but to thrive!

      When we do our own life review, there are treasures to be found underneath the emotions attached to them. We need to unearth those treasures to reclaim the true nature of our existence and our purpose in this world while we are yet here.

      Releasing unhealed wounds in our soul sets our soul free to live beyond the ego. It allows us to see things from a different perspective so that we become the change that we wish to see in our world.

      When we walk our talk we are no longer silent – we speak up and speak out about the abuses that we have experienced and help others to keep from making the same mistakes. Sometimes it’s as simple as sharing just one experience and what we learned from that experience.

      We light a fire under the tails of the political puppets who forget who they are truly working for instead of corporate interests that choose to kill us slowly. We use creative resources to network with others within our own communities to create the changes on the homefront and in our world at large…and we do it with a heart of love, walking in faith that others will do the same.

      It starts with the individual digging deep into their history, clear out the clutter of memories that lock us into patterns of that no longer serve us and into dreaming of what CAN be in our world instead of bitching about it and pointing the finger of blame.

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