One Voice



I am but One Voice…

subdued in the cacophony of sound, vibrations, and voices.

No one hears me…

and yet I am not alone

In my Silence,

I hear many others crying out…

each with a subtle tone of their own.

….From the Heart – 07/2004


We are all descendants of Atom and ‘E’.

We are but one of many species, yet we know not our own complexities. We are a species composed of varying levels of intelligence. Intelligence levels that combine, entwine and dances between dimensions within our reality.

We are human crystals with the ability to transmit and receive and yet we are so much more that we appear to be. The purpose of our species was once clearly defined, yet we have forgotten that purpose and are no longer of one mind.

The strands of the past entwine with the present and what we do now sets the stage for our individual and collective future that will coincide with the longevity of our own species.

Discord, both internal and external, must be unraveled and untangled to see the truth of where we are now. We need to take a good, deep hard look at the overall impact that our species has made on our environment. Then we need to reflect on how we can achieve harmony within ourselves and within our world.

“Know Thyself…Heal Thyself”

These scholarly words were once inscribed in the archway that led the entrance to a temple in Delphi, Greece. Knowledge is nothing unless it is used. Knowledge that is used can become wisdom if we determine that the knowledge we learn is both the truth and true. All knowledge is not taught in the same schools.


Food for thought


Author: RM Weldon

I am a wife, mother, an aspiring author, and a woman who has come a long way on her life's journey, to heal from the effects of childhood abuse and trauma. It is my hope you will walk with me awhile as the story unfolds.

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