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I am taking a leap of faith today and would like to share a chapter from my memoir. I haven’t completely settled on the name of my book, but for now, it seems fitting to follow through with the name I have applied to it in my mind. For the moment, I think “Snippets of Time” seems fitting.

My memoir is about the effects of abuse on a child and how abuse has grown and has become magnified throughout society today. We see and experience it all around us from individuals to those business and from those at all levels of government around the world.

There is no human being on the face of this planet who has not been touched by it in some form. No one is immune from its grasp nor are they immune from its effects. It has touched us all and it is time to change it.

Some of you may find this chapter disturbing, yet it is a true account of an event that has been burned in my soul. It has affected my development and my personality in more ways that I can tell you, and this is just a small part of what I have experienced in my lifetime. If you feel so led to respond – I would be honored to hear some feedback from you.

With a heart of gratitude – Thank you.

Click the blue link if you are interested.

Chapter III – The Green Bathroom

17 thoughts on “For my Readers”

  1. You are a very strong and brave person to have endured this kind of treatment! It breaks my heart! I pray that you find complete healing in every word that you pen. 🙏 Prayers!


    1. Thank you Heart Tokens for responding. The story shared was just the beginning what I personally endured as a child. There is so much more to the story that has yet to be shared. I am grateful to have survived and more grateful for what I have learned along the way. The journey has been long and an arduous one indeed. It is my hope that my story will touch the lives of young parents who are molding the lives of their children and touch the hearts of those who have been affected by the myriad forms of abuse in our country and around the world. May your day be blessed.

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