A Pearl of Wisdom…


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Writing a memoir requires the absolute Truth from yourself as you recall events from your mindset. I have learned that just writing the story can be both a psychological and emotional challenge for anyone who has experienced abuse over a long period of time.

Honesty is an absolute must when writing a memoir. “Writing it raw” is required.

The process will dredge up old wounds.  Unresolved issues will be reflected back to you. Shedding a light on what is hidden underneath that issue –  gets you to the root of it all.

It is here that one finds what is truly important to your Soul.

Be honest with yourself….about yourself. It’s an enlightening experience




Author: RM Weldon

I am a wife, mother, an aspiring author, and a woman who has come a long way on her life's journey, to heal from the effects of childhood abuse and trauma. It is my hope you will walk with me awhile as the story unfolds.

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